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Ostroukhova Natal'ya Grigor'evna, Candidate of economic sciences, associate professor, sub-department of economics, Syzran Branch of Samara State Technical University (45 Sovetskaya street, Syzran, Samara region, Russia),

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Background. Development of energy industries and market relations therein provides a stable basis for other economic activities, and also provides energy independence and security of the state. The purpose of the research is to determine development priorities of energy markets and energy resources in Russia, taking into account factors that influence their condition.
Materials and methods. The research materials included the Rosstat data on average producers' prices and acquisition prices of main types of energy resources, on the volume of production (generation) and implementation of energy services in domestic markets, the financial statements of PJSC “Gazprom”, OJSK «NK “Rosneft”», OJSC “RusHydro”, materials of OJSC “System Operator of Unified Energy System”, BP Statistical Review of World Energy, the Ministry of Energy of Russia, reports of the World Bank and the Bank of Russia. The research was carried out using an economic analysis, historical and logical methods.
Results. The author studied functioning features of national energy markets and energy resources: the model, the existing mechanism of pricing and development trends.
Conclusions. A significant part of the history of the fuel and energy sector and the process of distribution of energy resources in Russia came in the years of the planned economy. Certain elements of the energy pricing approach formed at the time, still exist nowadays. In addition, the current state of markets of coal, oil, natural gas and power markets effects the internal and external political developments, the state of the global and national economy, the level of development of science and technology in the country and the energy industries.

Key words

oil market, natural gas market, coal market , electricity market, energy pricing, oil prices, pricing mechanism in the energy sector.

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